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  Tarrant Mfg. Tarco Logo

Tarco Vacuum Leaf Loaders.

Tarco TM-3 Vacuum Leaf Loader

The Tarco Model TM-3 Trailer Mounted Vacuum Leaf Loader is available in 14, 17, 20, 25 and 30 cubic yard capacity. The 14 and 17 yard units are furnished with tandem 12,000 lb. axles. The 20 and 25 cubic yard units have 18,000 pound tri-axles. The 30 cubic yard unit has 24,000 pound dual tire tandem axles. The trailer main frame is constructed of 6" I-beam for the 14, 17, 20 and 25 cubic yard units, and 8" I-beam for the 30 cubic yard units. Equipped with an adjustable pintle ring, safety chains, parking jack and DOT Lighting package with two (2) 7" diameter flashing lights in rear.

Tarco TC-3 Vacuum Leaf Loader

The Big-T-Vac Model TM-3 Chassis Mounted Vacuum Leaf Loader requires no hydraulic power from the chassis. The sub-frame is 6" I-beam on 34" centers to enable easy installation on standard truck frames. The leaf hopper is welded 12-gauge steel with the sides, front and rear door vertically braced for rigidity and strength. The hopper floor is 10-gauge smooth steel supported by 5" channel crossmembers on 12" centers. The roof is constructed of woven wire screen for efficient air exhaust. A dust tarp with rubber tie down straps is provided. Entire engine is enclosed in a steel engine cover with a front door.

Tarco Model TTL-3R

Big-T-Vac Model TTL-1 Trailer-mounted vacuum leaf loader for high production leaf collection, grinding, and compaction. Direct drive vacuum with rear mounted suction hose, with either 45 or 90 degree angle available for discharge.

If we can answer any questions, please give us a call or send us an email. You may also visit the Tarrant Manufacturing website.

  Pak Mor Logo

Pak-Mor has been making loading and hauling equipment for over 40 years.

The Pak-Mor name is well respected in the hauling and collection industry. The Pak-Mor Leaf Loader is the best solution there is to leaf collection and transportation problems. Available in 24- and 29-cubic-yard models, the Pak-Mor Leaf Loaders are a varient of the company's well known H-Model Side Loader. With manufacturing plants in the United States and 150 worldwide distributors, Pak-Mor designs and rugged engineering are legendary to the municipal field. Their loaders feature a variety of patents and patents pending and applied for. From leaf loaders to front roll-off loaders, their proven performance and 'on-the-level' design make Pak-Mor loaders the standard for the refuse equipment industry.

Pak Mor HVL Leaf Loader

Pak-Mor gives you a leaf collection and transport unit with the capability to compact leaves, combined with a powerful truck-mounted vacuum loader and boom mounted hose. The HVL Leaf Loader can accomodate optional equipment to expand the unit's versatility to loading brush and other refuse thoughout the year.

Pak-Mor RDG100 dual chamber

Pak-Mor's RDG100 Dual Chamber Rear Loader meets the demands of separated refuse collection and recycling. Three models differ in length, weight and payload capacity. Whatever your seperation requirements, Pak-Mor's Load Liner II Dual Chamber Rear Loaders are the obvious choice or a rational and efficient separated refuse collection system.

If we can answer any questions, please give us a call or send us an email. You may also visit the Pac-Mor website (still under construction at this time).

GS Products Logo

GS Products Recycling Equipment offers the Model G-S 5700 Recyclable Collection Unit.

GS Products G-S 5700

The G-S 5700 Recyclable Collection Unit gives you higher legal payloads, greater route collection efficiency, maximum utilization of chassis GVWR, and adjustable load distribution and material densification. For more information about this unit contact us.

  Morbark Logo

Morbark is a leading manufacturer of tub grinders, wood hogs, and trommel screens.

For fast, high volume reduction of pallets, brush, demolition debris, wood waste, bark and yard waste, Morbark offers a wide selection of grinders to do the job.

Morbark sells more industrial tub grinders than all other manufacturers combined. For example, Morbark offers 8 different models of tub grinders, ranging from the Model 1500 that can to handle up to 500 yards an hour, down to the Model 950 that is designed for a more modest 85 yards an hour.

Morbark Tub Grinder 1500

The Morbark Model 1500 Industrial Tub Grinder has the only 15-ft. tub on the market, and has output capacity (depending on the mateial being processed), in excess of 500 cubic yards per hour. The 1500 is equipped with a heavy duty hammermill measuring 36 inches in diameter. Processed material is quickly removed from below the tub by twin heavy duty 18-inch diameter augers, which discharge onto a 40-inch wide conveyor.

Morbark Tub Grinder 1200XL

The Morbark Model 1200XL Tub Grinder is a 12-foot grinder with dual tub drive, hard-surfaced dual discharge augers, and a beefed up hammermill. Available with electronic diesel power options up to 750 HP, the 1200XL grinds organic waste such as stumps, brush, yard trimmings, logs, C&D debris, ties and pallets at production rates up to 300 yards per hour, depending on material.

Morbark Tub Grinder 950

The Morbark Model 950 Tub Grinder is compact enough for easy transport and set-up, yet heavy duty enough to handle a number of regrinding and primary grinding applications from bark, yard waste and brush, to pallets and mill waste. And a 3/4-ton pickup truck is all that's required to transport this new tub grinder to the job site.

Still, Morbark provides much more than tub grinders. Their other total equipment systems include trommel screens, picking stations, wood hogs, coloring systems and conveyors. Morbark is an industry leader because, in addition to their excellent products, they provide excellent product support, both before and after the sale. The company has been in operation for more than four decades, and prides itself on keeping their customers up and running, with most parts provided within 24 hours of need.

Morbark 7600 Wood Hog

The Model 7600 Wood Hog, is the largest, most productive horizontal-feed grinder in the Morbark line up. Designed for very high volume applications, the Model 7600 processes nearly any size and shape of organize waste, including whole trees, stumps, green waste, ties, brush and C&D material.

Morbark Portable Trommel Screen PT627

In the mid-range of Morbarks comprehensive line of five portable trommel screens, the Model PT 627 Portable Trommel Screen is a heavy duty six-foot trommel that is designed and constructed for long-term, dependable service. All Morbark trommels are easily portable. Pin the support legs, relieve the pressure on the cylinders, unfold the fines stacking conveyor and you are ready to begin processing material . . . all within 15 minutes of pulling on the job site.

If you want to see the most complete solutions for today's sophisticated green waste recycling industry - from start to finish - let us show you what the Morbark line has to offer.

After the Sale: You can always count on our experienced support personnel to provide you with follow up services such as parts and product information.

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